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Monday, May 05, 2008

Hillary: The Movie (2008)

so i watch Hillary: The Movie, and it makes some good points. recently i have had some of these exact thoughts.....her karl rovian attacks on obama probably were common place for the arkanasas governor and his wife, pre-whitehouse. yeah, all politicians lie, they steal, they cheat. the clintons wouldn't be "The Clintons" brand name DEMOCRATS if they hadn't won two elections for 1600 pennslyvania ave. sure clinton's dick caused some blushes in the midwest during the 90s.....but this film is just red-state micheal moore....ann coulter for fuck sakes...her cricisms of hillary seem just laughable in the shadow of what she has said about 9/11 widows.....

still it;s gonna be the hot-youtube shit....even though obama is a lock....dirt off him....


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