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Sunday, September 02, 2007


in one hour it will be monday...and also my last day of work at the easiest job i have ever had...sucks that its all over....the end of an era...remember all the laughs?

anyway here's a video that makes me laugh...also it corresponds to the work comment because i get all types of these dudes in the ole store...this particular "DUDE" (he's most def qualified himself to be called "dude") is actually a surfer and we don't get to many of those in the ole kayak shop..but since i am neither a kayaker nor a surfer he might as well be speaking korean...and there are just as many river rat types who come in all day long and drop all sorts of nifty nerd language that is totally on the same level as this fellow:

just imagine when he says barrel, insert the sound/ word " booof" which is the best kayak term i've nodded to fake undersatnding at yet this summer...

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