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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation. To help prevent infection by a computer virus or worm, never accept or open any file or link in an instant message until you verify its authenticity with the sender.

vvISP™ says: (10:36:42 PM)
fuck jew
vvISP™ says: (10:36:56 PM)
ass weed
vvISP™ says: (10:37:00 PM)
dick lip
vvISP™ says: (12:35:18 AM)
fart pistol
philo says: (12:37:07 AM)
philo says: (12:37:08 AM)
where u at>?
philo says: (12:37:10 AM)
bitch nugget?>
vvISP™ says: (12:37:17 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:37:31 AM)
philo says: (12:37:34 AM)
where u at?
vvISP™ says: (12:37:35 AM)
mick hnryh
vvISP™ says: (12:37:40 AM)
philo says: (12:37:43 AM)
ahh.. shitty.
philo says: (12:37:48 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:37:48 AM)
philo says: (12:37:52 AM)
wade is on his way over.
philo says: (12:37:56 AM)
going to drink some kava kava..
philo says: (12:38:04 AM)
this shit i got in asheville.. u ever tried it?
vvISP™ says: (12:38:07 AM)
lava whats?
philo says: (12:38:19 AM)
its a drug..
vvISP™ says: (12:38:25 AM)
naw aw
vvISP™ says: (12:38:55 AM)
what is it?
philo says: (12:39:07 AM)
The onset of a moderate potency kava drink is 20-30 minutes, with effects usually lasting for two hours. Effects can be felt up to eight hours after ingestion.

These effects of drinking kava, in order of sensation, are slight tongue and lip numbing caused by the contraction of the blood vessels in these areas (the lips and skin surrounding may appear unusually pale); mildly talkative and euphoric
philo says: (12:39:29 AM)
behavior; anxiolytic (calming) effects, sense of well-being, clear thinking; and relaxed muscles. Sleep is often restful and
vvISP™ says: (12:39:35 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:39:38 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:40:29 AM)
you bastards
vvISP™ says: (12:40:51 AM)
why wouldn't you tell me about your secret gat meth
philo says: (12:41:05 AM)
haha.. not sure.. forgot really..
philo says: (12:41:10 AM)
its just a tea that you make.. its legal. .
philo says: (12:41:16 AM)
its mild but fairly intense.
vvISP™ says: (12:41:28 AM)
philo says: (12:42:00 AM)
It is relaxing like alcohol without the intoxication, and it makes me mellow like Marijuana without the anxiety or the stupidity. I get sort of a squinted eye relaxation and I just want to lay down. My bed feels like a soft cloud. I've heard of public speakers taking a glass of kava before hand. I can understand why. It definitely reduces a ton of anxiety.

vvISP™ says: (12:42:18 AM)
sons a bitches
philo says: (12:42:33 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:42:59 AM)
philo says: (12:43:11 AM)
what did u do today / tonight?
philo says: (12:43:17 AM)
u disapeared last night.. i had a crazy night.
vvISP™ says: (12:43:29 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:43:30 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:43:31 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:43:36 AM)
philo says: (12:44:20 AM)
went to pine lodge, then to black bear, ran into the dude who hit me a few months back .. guy who hit my car.. and we hit it off.. he is way into video ..  has a sony fx HD camera!.. then went back to his apartment and smoked.. he threw an event at wisp this winter a freestyle event and had a live electronic artist play there! .. fucking wierd .
philo says: (12:44:35 AM)
u should see the quality of the videos hes done.. though crazy crazy high..
vvISP™ says: (12:44:41 AM)
wwhat the fuxx
vvISP™ says: (12:44:49 AM)
sposed to hit him
philo says: (12:44:59 AM)
hes real into adventure sports filming.. building all kinds of crazy jigs that he can wear while he snowboards to keep camera level..
vvISP™ says: (12:45:12 AM)
damn insanity
vvISP™ says: (12:45:26 AM)
where's he live?
philo says: (12:45:28 AM)
yeah he was pretty cool..   crazy someone at the lake has a sony fx HD cam..
philo says: (12:45:32 AM)
right behind brendas pizza.
vvISP™ says: (12:45:36 AM)
vvISP™ says: (12:45:42 AM)
i gotta meat him
philo says: (12:45:50 AM)
yeah well hang sometime.
vvISP™ says: (12:46:40 AM)
was his name
vvISP™ says: (12:53:15 AM)
fag nut?

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