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Monday, December 11, 2006

boxes and piles

Mike Folk and I are in the car. I have my laptop plugged into the tape adaptor and we're putting in through mike car system via the tape dack. I noticed how rare it was that his newish car still had a tape deckcoinciding with the rarity of me having a headphone to tape adaptor. At that moment I made a mental note for the 437 time to invest in wireless technologies. We were listening to Soft Pink Truth remix of Roots Manuva.

Mike: what?
Collen: Joel kolbe's house. they're tearing it down halfway and building a new house.

M: where?
C: right next to the trailer wing.

M:what's the new house like?
C: it's just a box with two bathrooms all one one level. Bill said he wants to "build a house to retire into."

M: i just want a box to live in!
C: just give me a kenmore refrigerator box, thnhat's all i need.

M:just give me a clean box to retire in.

C:it's weird to think that we just want boxes to retire in
M:People live in boxes.

C: my family sold my grandmother's box.
M: your girlfriends mom sellls boxes.

C: rent a few boxes, then buy or build a box. and die. fill the box with piles, then die
M:oh man i have so many piles in my office and none in the rest of my rented box.
all my piles in on particular part of my box.
C: that's all my parents house is piles all in one particular spot: everywhere!

M: i have way more piles than you.
C: you've become quite attached to those piles
C: i love piles.
M: people are obsessed with piles

C: hey what's that?

----we pass a fucking huge pile of rocks.

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